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Welcome to Logiro

Welcome to Logiro

Let’s be honest, the world of finance is wildly confusing, and just when you think you understand it something changes and you have to start again. Our number one skill is explaining complex matters in simple terms.

There are hundreds of financial advisers that you could talk to, most are telling the same story and selling the same products – but a few are quite unique. They have unique approaches to explaining what they do and how they do it. We fit into that category and here’s why:

We’re here to manage your money, not your life – we assume that you understand the true road to riches is to have a good job, manage your debt and manage your spending. We think that your main priorities should be educating your kids (if you have them) and putting a debt free roof over your head. We believe that you want to know what’s going on with your investments and your superannuation – we communicate with our active clients either weekly or monthly depending on their investment options.

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Logiro offers a full range of financial planning services including our flagship Volatility Control portfolios.

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Assembling a great bunch of financial professionals isn’t something that happens overnight.

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  • Thanks so much for your time yesterday it was great to meet with you. Please thank your team for me for looking after me so well.

  • Just checking my mail and found your letter outlining fees. Really appreciate the transparency and your weekly updates. Your services are very refreshing.



We may have the best financial strategies available,

but that doesn’t help you if you don’t understand how they work and why we’re talking about them.
We have adopted a philosophy we call “full circle thinking” and this is driven by three central ideas:

Clarity, Strategy, and Growth.

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Assembling a great bunch of financial professionals isn’t something that happens overnight. The Logiro team all have considerable experience in the world of finance and they all have their specialties. Bringing this all together is part of our strength and a huge benefit for all of our clients.