Brian Mooney / Principal Adviser

When you come to see Brian for financial advice please come prepared and keep your goals at front of mind. We know this sounds obvious but when you meet Brian he’s just such a nice bloke that you’ll want to cook him dinner or take him to the pub (and he won’t refuse) and before you know it you will have forgotten about all of your financial woes.

Brian mixes technical skill with loads of experience, but most of all he makes people feel comfortable. He can do that because 99 times out of a hundred he’ll have the answers you’re looking for.

Brian looks after our Sunshine Coast clients from his office in Kawana and on the days he’s not seeing clients we’re all fairly sure his loyal hound Winston comes to work to keep Brian company and potentially share of the wisdom that makes Brian look so good.

What you don’t know about Brian is: He was one of Queensland’s first celebrity financial advisers. His “Mooney’s Money” show made him a star of Sunshine Coast TV and radio.

  • Phone : 1800 564 476
  • Email :
Brian is an authorised representative of 3CSG Pty Ltd.