Cassandra Richards / Practice Manager

OK, time to get serious – every ship needs a captain and ours is Cass. Creating order from chaos is her specialty and keeping the entire team on task and on track is how she spends her working day.

The service, style and professionalism of Logiro is shaped by the great people like Cass who work as key members of our team. Cass brings a lifetime of heavy duty management skill to our team and her superpower is bringing the rest of us back to reality when we’re on the brink of losing the plot.

What you don’t know about Cass is: She’s playing her cards close to her chest, so far we’ve worked out that she’s either never won a drinking game, or she can recite the alphabet backwards without taking a breath. We suspect there’s some truth in both comments and we’re currently working on a recite the alphabet backwards drinking game to see if we can test both ideas at the same time.

  • Phone : 1800 564 476
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