Evan Grespos / Adviser

Can we talk about Evan’s skills as a financial adviser later? Let’s just lock it in that he knows what he’s doing and letting him loose on your finances is a good idea.

More importantly – HE OWNS A SNAKE! I don’t mean there’s some carpet snake living in his roof, he has an actual snake with its own habitat and everything. While this is interesting, its also meant we can’t have ‘bring your pet to work day’ because, well you know – it’s a snake ferrchrissake!

Back to the financial advice: Evan has taken the education bit between his teeth and he’ll have his Masters in Financial Planning long before the rest of us. We’ve all decided not to argue with Evan on technical points, he has the references, he can point to it in the book and he’s annoyingly correct all of the time.

What you don’t know about Evan is: I mentioned the snake right?

  • Phone : 1800 564 476
  • Email : evang@logiro.com
Evan is an authorised representative of 3CSG Pty Ltd.