Kellie Treweek / Associate Adviser

How much have you got on your plate? Chances are Kellie has more. When she’s not picking up after a house full of boys at home, she’s making sure the boys at work are all pulling their weight. We’re tempted to call her a superhero, but we haven’t seen the cape.

Financial advice requires quite a lot of advising, but also quite a lot of support and that’s the role Kellie fills for the Logiro advice team. She’s the friendly voice calling up Chris’s clients and the smiling face usually sitting next to Chris in client meetings.

Kellie wears a different cape on the netball court where she’s a superhero for those annoying super fit 20 somethings who all hope and pray that they can keep up to her pace when they have a few more years under their belts (no, we’re not telling you how young Kellie is – that would be rude!).

What you don’t know about Kellie is: she can actually cook, but she’s convinced her very tolerant husband that she can’t so now he’s in charge of the pots and pans.

  • Phone : 1800 564 476
  • Email :