Kyle Potter / Principal Adviser

Do you know Peter Allen? If not, maybe you remember the Qantas ad? Sing it with me: “No matter how far, or how wide I roam, I still call Australia home!”

While its now trendy for the kids to spend a gap year in the UK, Kyle made a career of it and learned his skills in the big fancy investment houses in London’s financial district. Don’t get confused though, he’s as Aussie as meat pies and it was inevitable that he’d return to this wide brown land to share his financial talents with the colonies.

Kyle is our Gold Coast adviser and he’s been sharing his knowledge with the GC community from his Miami office for more than a dozen years. Kyle loves a technical financial conversation, but he’s equally at home talking you through a simple budget spreadsheet.

What you don’t know about Kyle: OMG, where to start, this is a multi-faceted character! Let’s maybe start with the obvious – he’s a super proud Dad of three handsome young lads who’ve all fortunately inherited their mother’s good looks.

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Kyle is an authorised representative of 3CSG Pty Ltd.