How would your family survive if suddenly you could no longer work?  If you suffered a major injury or illness that prevented you from ever working again you’d want your house paid off, your kids education paid for, and your living expenses covered. Right?

These are questions that many of us think about, but rarely take action on. 

Australians suffer around 48,000 strokes each year (that’s one every 11 minutes). It’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

An equally scary fact is that one in three men and one in four women will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach 75.  Most people don’t think it will happen to them and as a result don’t arrange appropriate protection for themselves and their families.

We believe it is important that our clients are educated and assisted to implement a suitable plan to secure a positive legacy for their family should the unthinkable happen.

Saying that, we have a simple approach to insurance – we’d rather you didn’t have any.

But the only time that’s going to happen is when you’ve achieved all of your goals and managed all of the risks you face now and into the future. It is only in rare cases that this happens early in life, and in many cases it never happens at all.

Insurance is designed to help you to achieve your goals when you are no longer able to work to achieve them for yourself.

If something happens that puts you off work for a short time, just because you’re not working and not earning an income doesn’t mean that the bills stop as well. You’ll need some ongoing protection to keep your head above water so that you can focus on your recovery.

And if you suffer a premature death you’ll want to make sure that those you leave behind have enough support to achieve their goals and to enjoy a decent future.

Our role is to find that fine line of having just enough insurance. We don’t want you to have too much – we’d prefer you put any extra money into saving for the future, but we don’t want you to have too little because if something does go wrong then potentially you won’t have a financial future at all.