Have you stopped to take a look at what the age pension entitlements actually are, and if you are even eligible to receive them. When it comes to ensuring your family’s financial security through Superannuation and retirement many people often have the attitude of “she’ll be right, I’ll get around to it”.

We aim to ensure that from as early as possible, we educate, clarify and assist our clients with appropriate strategic advice on their superannuation to allow them to achieve their financial goals and ultimately have financial security in retirement.

There is a central point we need to make about superannuation – SUPERANNUATION IS NOT AN INVESTMENT, IT IS A VEHICLE.
This can be difficult to understand when the world at large continually refers to gains and declines for superannuation funds. The simplest way for us to explain superannuation is that it is a tax friendly way to hold your investments, and the trade off for a lower rate of tax is that your superannuation investments need to be reserved for your retirement.

Our role is to show you how to use the vehicle. What assets should you hold inside super, and what assets should be held outside. How much do you need to contribute to achieve your retirement goals and what are the different strategies that might be worthwhile pursuing at different times of your life.