The Logiro Team

Assembling a great bunch of financial professionals isn’t something that happens overnight. The Logiro team all have considerable experience in the world of finance and they all have their specialties. Bringing this all together is part of our strength and a huge benefit for all of our clients.

If you call the office after seeing this page, and in particular the smiling faces below – can you please tell them how wonderful they look. It was a Friday afternoon when we scared them away from their computer screens and forced them to smile for the photographer, and while capturing the perfect shot was challenging enough, getting them back to work and away from the lure of a kiss of afternoon sunshine was no small task.

Fortunately the entire Logiro team take their jobs very seriously and while we might have a bit of fun in the office its all aimed at making sure our people are always in the best condition to respond efficiently and accurately to your enquries.

Chris Shiels

CEO, Principal Adviser

Kellie Treweek

Senior Adviser

Garet Shepherdson

Financial Adviser

Brodie Lynch


Hannah Power

Client Services