Defining exactly what a paraplanner does is difficult – let’s just say its lots of things, and let’s add to that how spoilt we are with Brodie as our paraplanner. She has a dark secret though – she made a mistake once. Rumour has it it was a cold morning in the early 2000s, nobody knows the details, but everybody knows she hasn’t run out of tea since. We do try to trip her up sometimes, but we’ve discovered that one needs to get up early to have even the remotest of chances of pulling the wool over Brodie’s eyes.

Brodie’s done just about everything in the Logiro business so if you’re speaking to her on the phone there’s not much she won’t be able to help you with.

What you don’t know about Brodie is: Girl can sing. If you’re nice to her she might point you in the direction of her latest work.