Financial Advisor

Garet is one of Logiro’s team of high quality financial advisers.  While all of our advisers are well versed in both strategic advice and technical investment advice Garet’s key interests are in technical analysis in terms of market movements, individual stocks, and general economics.  Don’t be fooled though, he’s not going to bore you to sleep with facts and figures – Garet is genuinely excited to present new ideas to our clients and his excitement can be quite infectious.

When Garet arrived at Logiro he held the highest formal education in the team – but we’ve since fixed that with Kellie and Chris now catching up to the Graduate Diploma of Financial Services level.  We still suspect he’ll attain his Masters degree before anyone else.

What you don’t know about Garet is that he has a superpower, its not that he looks like a red headed super hero (but he does) its that he can give up coffee sometimes for weeks at a time.  Which is of course ridiculous and has no practical application in the real world.

Garet is an authorised representative of Fortnum Advice.