Senior Adviser

Kellie wears many hats at Logiro but it’s that of financial adviser that brings her the greatest joy. She tells us it’s the value-alignment of our approach to financial planning that has influenced her decision to call Logiro home. Kellie’s proud of our willingness to help clients no matter the size of their wealth, our contemporary approach to money management and the complementary expertise of her colleagues.

Her early career saw her work within a merchant bank in Sydney, then Brisbane before supporting Boards in both the public and private sector. Recognising a need to ‘reinvent’ herself after the birth of her first child, Kellie joined a boutique financial planning practice specialising in providing wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning advice to affluent individuals. It was during her four year association with this practice that she found her passion for helping clients to holistically plan for their financial futures. To expand her capability she then joined a self-managed superannuation fund advice specialist before launching her career as a financial adviser in her own successful practice.

Ask Kellie the ‘why’ of what she does and she’ll tell you about the energy she gains from ‘joining dots’ for others, making things happen effortlessly that appear overwhelming. It’s an intrinsic talent that draws on her resourcefulness and aligns her technical know-how with her need to nurture.

In the words of one of Kellie’s clients, ‘She has an amazing work ethic and has a great level of motivation and assertiveness to get the best results for her clients. Kellie’s altruistic attitude means that she will make her own personal compromises to provide an outstanding service for people.’

What you don’t know about Kellie is: she’s only recently hung up her netball boots and has replaced running after a ball with chasing her new fur baby, a red cavoodle named Barney. This was her family’s unusual choice to celebrate 25 years of marriage.

Kellie is an authorised representative of Fortnum Advice.